Blissful Demise

January 3, 2013
Your love is a lie
It always was
The poison spread when
your lips met mine

The poison spread when
you fed me your lies
and it turned into acid
when your flesh met mines
under the pale moonlight

It was you who killed me
who took my fragile heart
between your palms
and tore it
not to shreds
but to dust

To ashes

You had put it in a cinder
full of flames
and watched it burn
The fire reflected in your gaze

Your gaze scorching me
as if it were hot coal
pressing against me
And I wished to take back the moments
that we spent
under a blanket of stars
in between the sheets
under the cherry blossom tree
in a field of grass
greener than the emeralds of your eyes

But I can't help but ask what is worst
Not knowing you
keeping the knife you stabbed in me
cradled in my chest?

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