Dancing in the Dark

December 28, 2012
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Dancing in the dark,
Where no one can see,
They aren’t looking around,
They don’t know where I might be.

Back in the shadows,
I dance my sadness away.
Dancing in a cloud of darkness,
Invisible on a beautiful day

No one has time anymore,
They all run around so fast.
They may be looking ahead,
Or running from the past.

They don’t smell the roses,
Or listen to the birds.
They rush and run,
In crazy circling herds.

I don’t expect anyone to stop,
To join me in my dream
I may be here but may not,
Things aren’t as they sometimes seem.

Dancing in the dark,
Invisible to them all
And in my cloud of darkness,
I very softly fall.

Fall into a dream,
Waltz away for life.
I leave them with their craziness,
Their panic and their strife

I am dancing in the dark,
No one looks at me.
Covered in a mist,
They may never get to see.

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