"Hurricane Sandy, Mommy, and Me"

December 23, 2012
By , West Orange, NJ
"At seventeen, you don't
Know what you need"
But I do.
I know that I need to see my friends.
"Friends? You don't need friends"
But I know that I need to leave the house.
I need a change of scenery,
"I don't want to drive..."
But I need you to.
I cry. I fall asleep at seven in the evening and rise at seven with the sun to a desolate house and frantic mind.
"Suck it up.
You don't
Need what you think you need.
You're only seventeen."
But I need it to stop.
I need a charged phone, the only contact I have left in the world.
I need music to drown myself in, and my family out.
I need my friends.

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