December 28, 2012
I took a look at you today,
You looked different.
Your hair isn't the same,
Your teeth are yellowed,
And you need a mint.

You glanced at me,
And I saw the sorrow.
You wanted to say something,
But the words didn't come out though..

I know the thoughts that are scraming through your head.
You wish you haven't said those words that you said.
You looked at me,
As if your ashamed.
You know that you're the one to blame.

You saw how I stood Tall and Proud.
You just sat there and looked towards the ground.

Months have passed,
And everything changed.
We both know that it will never be the same.
Hearts wanting to connect,
But stay seperate.
All we want to do
Is touch each others lips..

But I looked at you,
And turned away.
I took my own path that led me far away.
Before i left,
I mumbled a word,
With a tear in my eye.
The word i said, was "goodbye".

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