December 25, 2012
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I dream of
Towers, spiraling up up and away
covered in Thorns and Roses
Princes and Knights
Dragons and mountains upon
Mountains of gold, skeletons melted in their armor
Silver fairy-folk
Dancing and singing gleaming like the scales
of the mer-folk.
Books floating through the air
Page after page after page falling out, and falling D



Golden jewels, brocade and silk, gowns swishing and twirling.
I dreamed of flowers
Every shade and
Planted by a women living in a story
waiting for her prince-that-is-not-a-prince to save her.
Genies and their lamps.
Fire and sand and blood and jewels.
Desert days and desert nights.
I dreamed of
Small towns and Big Cities.
Summer Spring Winter Fall
Falling down the rabbit hole, into a world of
Life, and maybe love.
Up-or out or maybe down, and there be the
Pirates, blades clashing, skull and crossbones...Cursed treasure, they say.
Skeletons and vampires and werewolves
Oh My.
Let me lead you into this
of sugar-coated wonder
Dragons and monsters and villains and hero's and fairies
Melded into one story.
Jewels and dragons, mermaids and knights.
Sand in an hourglass, tick tock tick tock.....or drip-drop, as the case may be.
I dream at night, and wake up

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