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Write what you’re thinking about
A stupid task, in my opinion
Because now, of course I’m thinking about what I should be thinking about
and that never makes for an interesting story

Unless, of course, you’re like me
And your mind wanders
like that hobo you wave to every Wednesday on your way to soccer practice
I never did learn his name
But what would be worse: not asking or asking and having him not have a name?
I think I’ll just call him Jimmy

I feel like I’m messing up the assignment
Usually poetry doesn’t seem like real poetry
unless it’s so depressing it makes you reevaluate your entire existence
or at least you recognize its depressing nature
so that you feel awkward for not being more miserable than you really are

Don’t get me wrong
The gloomy stuff is pretty good,
But sometimes I’d rather hear a well-constructed knock-knock joke
Or a pleasant description of a puppy in a fish costume

Why did the chicken ever cross the road?
I’ve heard a lot of rumors, but we never found out for sure
I don’t know,
I think that guy had an ulterior motive,
but, then again, I’ve never really understood poultry

This is really going down the tank, isn’t it?
Or is it down the drain?
I never really learned
Probably because I’ve been too preoccupied
doodling the offspring of a human and a dolphin in my chemistry notebook

Yuck, it’s actually kind of grotesque
I think I’ll nonchalantly crumple that up into a ball
and casually shred it,
then inconspicuously set it ablaze,
and finish by discreetly shoving it to the bottom of the trash
The general population isn’t ready for such a groundbreaking masterpiece

I should probably do the same with this poem
But I’ve already spent too much time wasting my time on it
So I might as well show it to the world,
Cross my fingers and hope for an A, a gold star, and a cookie
But even if I don’t get it right,
I bet Jimmy will like it

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HPRGSuperFan This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 18, 2013 at 6:33 pm
Wow. It's so not deep that it's actually deep. Job well done!
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