Finding Home MAG

December 22, 2012
By hmkufan5 GOLD, South Los Angeles, California
hmkufan5 GOLD, South Los Angeles, California
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Finding a place to call “home”
Is not easy
Too many phone calls to make,
Too much yelling involved,
Too much usage of Google Maps
But never enough results.
Paying over one hundred dollars
To a random property owner to find a home
Spells “scam” to me
All the other property owners
Refuse to give a home
To a large truck
That provides the income
One refused to let that truck
Ruin his precious tiles
We need a home that does not
Have a grandfather wanting
To kick us out for no reason,
One that does not have
Spies for relatives,
One that is free of
Gunshots, helicopters, car chases,
Drunks, drug addicts, and filth.
One with enough rooms
For six members
One that will make me happy
To even open the gate,
Walk to the porch,
And open the front door.

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