Natural Disaster

December 19, 2012
By HaleysComet BRONZE, San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico
HaleysComet BRONZE, San Felipe Pueblo, New Mexico
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The snow cascades harshly to the ground
I feel terrified and lost
When will I be found?
And, more importantly, what is the cost?

The rain pours down from the endless sky
Feeling the misery from all around
Now I just desire to get away and fly
And never touch the harsh ground

My world twirls in sync with a hurricane
Fearful about where I’ll end up
Trying to keep from going insane
Everything I’ve ever known blown up

The tsunami waves crash down
A horror fills me up as I realize I might fall
Trying to fight it, but I can’t help but frown
Petrified of what might happen next, I create a wall

The earthquake shakes up all my fears
Isolated from everyone I love, I am alone
Now I’m on the floor broken down in tears
The signs were there, so how could I have not known

A volcano erupts deep inside my heart
Mixed emotions giving me the desire to fly away
What have I done to make my world so dark?
Maybe it’s not about the need to run away but to stay

This is what happens in a Natural Disaster

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