for those in newtown conneticut

December 17, 2012
this song I sing is for you hold out your hand a tell me why, tell me why you’re the one gone tell me why
so many died tell me why we live in a cynical world tell me oh tell me why so many died so innocently
they did nothing they sat there and heard the sounds of death so fierce those who died to protect them
have my grateful thanks and those children who died for no reason god keep you safe and sound god oh
god please let them be safe now from the terrors on earth and the terrible people who live among us
now that this has happened do you really think guns and knifes and any weapon could possibly be good?
Those poor children can’t really see their moms and dads again because of one man who took that
chance away from them a man with no soul and no heart for the innocent so please tell my god why did
they have to go so young why did they have to go?

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