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He Left a River at Your Feet

December 13, 2012
By cayaTW PLATINUM, Yuma, Arizona
cayaTW PLATINUM, Yuma, Arizona
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The wind blew away all the things that were thought but never said.
The thunder blotted out all the fights you had and never settled.
The lightning blinded you from that treacherous truth.
The rain washed away all the feeling left in you.

He said he loved you, but he never told you you weren't the only one.
He said you had the most beautiful eyes, but I bet you he doesn't even know what color they are.
He said he loved the way you talked and you walked, but I bet he doesn't even recognize your voice.
He said you had the most beautiful smile, but I bet he doesn't know you smile with your eyes not your mouth.

I have to sit here and watch you cry a tear for every lie he told you.
By the time you're done there's a river at your feet.
I pick you up before you try to drown yourself.
I pick you up and hold you in my arms and our eyes meet for a moment.

Well, I can't take this torment.
I know all the things about you he doesn't, but I'm just your shoulder to lean on.
Tell me you appreciate for you all the time I lent.
Convince me your feelings for him are gone.
I see it in those eyes you smile with: you still love him
Why? He left a river at your feet.

He left you, and you should be happy.
Even if it's not with me, you should move on.
I want to see those eyes smile once more.
Girl, get over him.
Girl, he left a river at your feet.

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