The falling

December 15, 2012
From the time I gained my existence,
I had burned in the depths of hell,
from the moment I opened my eyes,
I had seen nothing but hate and despair,
from the moment I first took my breath,
I felt nothing but hollowness and a stinging pain,
from the moment I started living,
I wanted to make every one’s life miserable,
I wanted to rise to the top to crush each and,
every soul as it was my wish as a devil,
I rose from hell fire to burn the entire world,
but then why having you by my arms,
as both of us fall towards the depths of hell,
Make me feel complete, make me content,
why falling with you makes my dead heart race,
why having you in my arms gives me hope again,
why I don’t want to part ways with you,
why I want to hold on to you,
Is this is what the mortals called “LOVE”

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