Long Live

November 27, 2012
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I grew tired of saying
"Long live the King"
So I killed him and ran
Shouting, "Long live the song!
Long live the trees and long live the sea!
Long live the stars like flakes of steel in the breeze!
Long live our merry spirit!
Long live the mighty bear on the mountian!
And never fear it!
Long live the tundra river!
Long live the evergreen!
Long live the warm sun and long live the shiver!
Long live you and me!"

I was pursued and did my best to elude
I continued my cries,
"Long live your want for love!
Long live the bleach white dove!
Long live the snow glistening up above!
Long live the lightening in your eyes
And the fire in your heart!
Godd*mn I hope it never dies!
Long live the delicate wave's crest!
Long live you and I!

I was thrown in prison and sentenced to death
I am proud to say
I did not apologize I did not digress
You cannot change my mind
I've made my decision
And I know I did my best

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