December 2, 2012
Her heart beat fast.

He stared into her eyes.

Something was wrong.

He opened his mouth

And said a few words.

Then strolled away.

She wanted to say a few words.

But nothing came out.

She wanted to scream and shout.

But only silence made a sound.

She thought to herself.

Her quiet little mind

Echoed her love for him.

She kept thinking

That she said something wrong.

He told her she was beautiful.

But what is she now?

He told her he loved her.

But did it really matter?

She didn’t get that fairytale feeling

When he said those three words.

Time stands still

To tell the love story

Of a boy and a girl,

The two star-crossed lovers.

Heart were shattered,

Tears were shed,

Love has died.

Silence filled the woods.

Whispers and lies lit the night sky.

Empty breaths, warm memories, and silent thoughts

Were all left behind.

The two star-crossed lovers were warned at the start.

She knew it would end this way.

Their fate was inevitable.

So she left the silence in the woods,

The whispers,

The lies,

The empty breaths,

The warm memories,

The silent thoughts,

Without a word.

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