Hurricane Sandy

November 29, 2012
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you came in and ripped apart the shore

the city lights, peoples lives and so much more

All the work we built and all the people who were strong

is destroyed and gone

You ripped apart the homes, and took away loved ones

people got lost and now cant find they're loved ones

You ripped apart a piece of America

The unity will stand as we help the lives of people affected

and our hearts go out to those who lost everything

Humanity is strong

and together we'll get through it

I know we can we always do it

You hit like Katrina and we lost so many precious lives

RIP to those who have died

A child lost her mother

she sits clutching the teddy bear she gave her

A dog lost his owner

he struggles to find food to eat

A mother lost her son

shes overcome with pain and greif

A family sits together worried about they're cousins

the tears of everyone morning and scared to death

Strangers are coming out to reach out a hand

You ripped apart the hearts along with the structures

When you hit

We alot

but whenever there is rain

sun comes along

I know we got stronger

the day everything went

We'll unite and piece what we can back together

we're strong

no matter what the weather

No matter what faces us

I know we can do it

We've done it before

we can surly get through it

So take a hand

as we rebuild the homes

gather the lost

so they can be found

My heart goes out to every one affected

But hope awaits

You just have to believe in it.

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