Angel of Death

November 28, 2012
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I kneel before the alter to be torn apart
For you to cut off my head and tear out my heart
Dreams about the death of me
In the sunlight you will see, the destruction of my empathy
There is nothing left but to burn away the sins of all my past
Rid this world of the spells and hexes I have cast
But worry not you little sweet and pure
I'll be back in the night, dark is what I'm destined for
In my might you will behold, my wrath for the enemy
You should be a friend of me, embrace your chancy destiny
You can try to run and hide
But it's not by my laws that I abide
I take even the best of you down to Hades gate
Where you shall burn in anguish from the flames of your hate
For I am the Angel of Death and I have little choice
This is where the banished me and took away my voice

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kaitlynisweird said...
Jan. 23, 2013 at 8:37 pm
Some lines seemed a little bit cliche, but in general, I thought it was a pretty good poem. I like the last few lines, and the general concept of it. The rhymes flow well too. Oh, and I know it really doesn't have to do with your writing,but the picture really fits the mood well.
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