Steeds and Stables

November 20, 2012
Seven AM.
In the summer.
It’s early.
Even Dunkin Donuts can’t
stop my eyes
from drooping.

My feet don
rubber boots as
I stroll outside. Gentle
pats and nose rubs,
the usual greeting
begins my journey.

The first stop.
The seven stalls that line the walls
and they are waiting
for me to muck them.
The smell is
familiar and comforting.
The work is
methodical and relaxing.

My next expedition:
Outside paddocks.
My trek begins with a
gentle nudge from
Pachelbel’s Splendor.
Five-To-Get-Ready tries to help
only to knock over the bucket.
Passing On The Right just likes
to follow me around.

Hauling pails of water
is my next assignment.
Banishing the complex
creations in the corners is
Dust dunes hide from
the broom but it is
a fruitless effort.

Steeds and Stables
it’s my palace.
Where it is never work
and even seven AM
isn’t too early.

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