Solitary Corner

November 24, 2012
Oh, I’m sure that by now you’ve forgotten me
Just as you have overlooked me again and again
It’s hard, is it not?
To see ghostly clear me.

I’m not too busy swimming in my own loveliness
Maybe that’s why I can see past that wavering grin
And those sparkling brown eyes
Because sometimes eyes sparkle for things other than laughter

Under that mop of brown hair,
I know you’re not really all that content
Not as perfect
Not as confident
As you make yourself out to be

So I think that you should know
That when it comes into your mind to look at me,
Award me with a petty glance,
I might just smile
It won’t be from gratitude, your Royal Highness
It'll be because I know something you don't

Think about that

Until then,
I’ll just sit
In my solitary corner.

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