November 15, 2012
Life is like an elevator.
There's a lot of ups and downs.
People push my buttons,
and step in and out.

There is no definite destination.
The course is always changing.
Yet the trip rarely stops,
if so only for a minute or two.

Some days I'm full of energy,
but other days I'm empty inside.
Some days light shines on me,
but other days I'm completely dark.

Some people use me,
Others truly value me.
I'm always helping people get where they need to go,
but am locked in on a journey to places I've already been.

I depend on people,
and people depend on me.
Some bring me up, some take me down.
I can never tell which route people will choose.

I've seen the highest of highs,
and the lowest of the lows,
but along the way,
it has been a good journey.

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Something16 said...
Nov. 16, 2012 at 10:54 pm
I love the concept! From start to finish. Great job!  
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