Henry Fleming

November 11, 2012
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Henry Fleming was barely a man
When off to war he went,
His mother begged him not to leave
But with him blackberry jam was sent.

At first, all was fine
And his regiment fared well,
But when war began
All went to hell.

The first skirmish
Went just dandy,
But everyone knows that war
Is like sweet and sour candy.

The first fight was
As sweet as pie,
At least that’s how it seemed
‘Cause not many died.

However not long after
The huge dragon came,
That’s when Ol’ Henry ran
Without any shame.
While out and about
He got hit in the head,
After which he just wanted
To lie down in bed.

When his comrades
Inquired about his wound a lot,
Ol’ Henry conjured a fib
Exclaiming “I’ve been shot”!

After his wound
Had clotted and dried,
Henry thought “By my hand,
All those men will die!”

The next battle
He partook in,
Was when the
Slaughtering did begin.

When the smoke cleared
Henry finally stopped firing,
While his Lieutenant
Stood, openly admiring.

Use this as a lesson
All you miscreants,
Don’t ever run in war
Stay with your regiment.

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