November 11, 2012
I hold my binders as the faces of strangers blur before my eyes. The chitchat is steady though I have no intention of listening. The movement is all around, though I firmly stay my place. Voices, calling out to me, yet I don’t turn .What are they saying? Why do they care? My arms give out as my binders hit the floor. Stares penetrate me, yet I don’t bother to pick up my belongings. I hear the name that has forever haunted me in my sleep. FREAK. FREAK. FREAK. It’s shouted all over. I grab my ears to block out the words being shouted at me. Deep inside behind my covered ears, I hear a scream. A penetrating scream. Only to find out it was my scream.It was a scream toescape the nightmare, only it wasn't a dream becuase you can't escape reality.

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