Ode to You

November 11, 2012
Ode to those who have no place to go,
those who consider life full of treasure.
To those who no one seems to know,
and those who are full of good measure.

Those who fight for our lives,
and those who give hope to those who have none,
to the ones who morn as their loved ones die.
You are know and you will survive.
Your tears are seen by the one,
He knows about all the times you cry.

Whether you are short or tall,
whether you are courageous or shy.
Whether this poem matters at all,
keep on doing what you do and do not ask why.

For the father in haven cares about you,
you are his special one.
He made you who you are.
There are people who know what you are going through,
remember to always smile and have fun!
for he is not too far.

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