Learning Guitar

November 11, 2012
Teaching guitar to your self is very difficult.

You have to put in a lot of effort.

Keeping a steady strum with the right and twiddling your fingers with the left.

Memorizing chords and building muscle memory.

At first, you move slowly, playing quietly so that no one will hear your mistakes.

Place your fingers on the frets and it sounds like a car crash – press harder – there you go – a G Major chord – happy, sweet.

Then E minor – sad, bitter. You learn a few more and can play a song.

Still, no matter how much you practice, you mess up.

Once you think you have it down and get comfortable, you speed up or try a new strumming pattern, louder so others can hear what you've accomplished, but this is when you forget how to play a chord, misplace your fingers, or drop your pick in the sound hole.

Fingers slipping, you lose your place and then there's silence.

Practice even more, but however much I try, I'll never be as good as her.

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