I'm in love with my best friend..

November 11, 2012
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My heart aches,
Blood pumping
I wanna show you what I mean
When I say I love you.
But I'm scared of what the
Out come would be.

When you kiss me
I want more
Is that wrong?
When you hold me
I feel like a lost puzzle
Piece has found its puzzle.
I'm in love..
Not the puppy dog kind
The kind that makes your heart
Ache when ever your apart from
Each other and you don't stop
Thinking about them.
I'm in love...
In love with my best friend...

Wishing we could be together
Craving your touch
I know this is pathetic
I know this is strange
I know we're to young to think
That we know what love is.

I'm a fool a love struck one at best.
I'm in love with my best friend... <3

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