Fading Slowly

November 10, 2012
Every step I take pulls me deeper
I am losing the battle
I cannot turn and run
Though I want to
I am fading slowly

One step forward
It really is not hard
Two steps forward
I am lost in this mess
With every step I am moving deeper
To a place I do not want to be
Want to break away
Want to escape
But I can not
My desire pulls me in

I want to turn, want to run
Instead I move deeper
As I fade slowly away

Every step is killing me slowly
I do not know what to do
How to escape
I have gotten myself stuck
As I fade slowly I cannot see the light
I cannot move
I am afraid I am going to fade away

Fading slowly, fading away
Thought I knew what I was doing
I did not and now I am fading away

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