You who never fell in love

November 6, 2012
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You who never fell in love
You are so blessed in innocence
You never felt the pain
You never lived in a bleeding crying world

The sword of love is a sword, sharp like a razor blade
A sword without a handle, a sword without a haft
When you touch the sword of love
You will be hurt, you will be cut and you will be left behind, crying in the darkness of the night

You who never fell in love
Don’t even think about it
Don’t even try it
Because falling in love is falling in pain and drowning in tears

Because love has no mercy
Love attacks you straight in your heart
Lover seduces you by beauty
Love will hit you with the power of a truck

Love will bite you like a shark
Love will take you deep down under like a crocodile
Love will burn you with an everlasting fire
Love will freeze you like a blizzard that hit you in your frozen heart

Love will haunt you
Lover will never let you go
Love will chain you
Until you finally surrender to your own so long forgotten soul

How can you give your love
How can you give love with an empty heart
How can you receive love
How can you receive love with a so long forgotten soul

Who is haunting you,
Who has hit you with the power a truck
Who has burnt you with a fire
Who has bitten you like a shark?

It was you my lovely
You did it all to you….
How can you leave your soul alone
Crying in the darkness of the night

Follow the screaming pain
Follow the track of fire
Follow the track of streaming blood
Till it brings you to the deepest of your heart

Till you find that crying baby
All alone in the darkness of the night
Take your crying baby in your arms
And give your lovely baby an everlasting hug……

Ibelieve Onlyinlove

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