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November 4, 2012
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I’ve been informed about the ways of this life
And I’ve been warned that it cuts like a knife

But what good are speeches of others
When wondering everyday are my sisters and brothers

Fate is lazy

I’ve come to realize we are not mere players in a game:
My life is not in the hand of fate
And we are not all the same

My fortune is not spun on a wheel
And the Grim Reaper is not my guest to each meal

Fate is irresponsible

I am not an actor on the stage of fate
I run my own course and start at my own gate

Life is a pot of soup:
What I put in is what I get back
To a fearing god I do not stoop
And at the sight of death I do not turn black

Fate is stupid

I am free to believe, to breathe, to be
Fate cannot contact my mind
And when I die or hurt or hunger
The cogs of my thoughts are free

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