Come Awake

November 8, 2012
By bearycool BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
bearycool BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Come awake
Open your eyes
I know that you just sleep...

This pool of red is but a sweat,
But tears of terrors taken out.
Your weakened hold of flesh on flesh
Is just you caressing, wondering
What you think of this strange flesh.

Come awake,
It’s not yet night,
I know that you just dream.

The grass is swaying, the sun is bright;
You cannot be asleep!
Your life’s not over,
I know this well,
Yet now you stop
You hold your breath
And let the shade hold still your face.

Stand about,
Oh dear child,
Stand and see the light!

Your nightmares hold you well,
Your eyes don’t even flutter,
And your lips just slightly mutter.
And as the red sweat cakes your face
I see the shadow take your beat.

Come awake,
My only son!
Why won’t you come awake?

The author's comments:
When we are given the gift of life at birth, we are given the curse of loss. As surely as the wind flies, we are assured that we will experience loss.

This poem is dedicated to this simple truth: that sometimes we loose that which is precious to us.

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