November 3, 2012
By Levanna BRONZE, Crawford, Colorado
Levanna BRONZE, Crawford, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic.

You tell me you love me,
And I wonder-do you and I Perceive love differently,
Or do you find pleasure in feeding me lies?

You tell me you would do anything for me,
And I wonder-is "anything" taking my bullet?
Or buying me a box of chocolates on Valentines Day?

You tell me you would be broken if I died,
And I wonder-is that mourning so deeply, you lose your very being?
Or standing in the back at my funeral?

I tell you I love you,
And I'm telling you the truth.
But I cannot spend eternity in the arms of someone who only completes a fraction of my soul.

The author's comments:
I may be young, however (and whether you choose to find this unfortunate or not is solely up to you) I understand much of the ups and downs of life. Far more than many adults I might say. I'm not saying I disapprove of my life. Quite the contrary actually. I live life as it comes at me. I see what I see. I experience what I experience. And in the end, I've lived through it all to remember. To remember and to share.

In sharing this piece, I hope that many will see the lesson behind it. The valuable piece of knowledge that we all ought to acquire.

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