Over You

November 2, 2012
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It used to be so easy now I'm a little bit queasy. You touch my hand to let me know it's okay. I'm blinded by the rays, in your eyes you see through my lies. We used to have a little thing called love, we would rise above. We didn't care what others would say our love was perfect in every single way. But something changed that day you were going a separate way. I was left barely breathing, barely dreaming, barely feeling. I got up, you fell. A never ending "oh well." Crash landing into hell, just another "oh well." Now who's on the floor? Now who's not answering the door? Me? You? After everything I've been through. I picked myself up and got over you. You fell, how can you expect me to be there for you? You can lie there, barely breathing, barely dreaming, barely feeling. While I barely remember. I continue to love and you sit there like a mourning dove. But doves can fly, you cannot. I will never stop, loving you through and through, but I got over you.

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