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Butterfly Eggs

November 2, 2012
By WhatAboutNikki DIAMOND, Uncasville, Connecticut
WhatAboutNikki DIAMOND, Uncasville, Connecticut
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You’ve found a way to my heart
Through the way to a man’s,
Laying your butterfly eggs
Throughout the lining of my stomach.

They grow at the rate of
My overwhelming love for you.
They flutter at pure thought,
Faster at a simple glance.

Their unworldly beauty
Reminds me that of yours:
Luminescent purity, innocence, and peace
Overriding me much like you tend to.

Soon, though, they die
After an unsettling sight.
They burn and flutter up
To bring their flames to my eyes.

You ask me why
And I answer,
Looking you dead in the eye,
A tear in mine,
Eliciting a choked
“Heart burn.”

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