Never Thought This Would Happen

November 8, 2012
We always walked together
Hand in hand all the time
We had a routine, classes then alone time
We never really got that because parents
But What matters now?
Nothing, because we aren't together anymore.
I told you this isn't working
But I was afraid you were going to cry.
I hate breaking hearts.
It had to be done.
No more excuses I had to be strong
You said "Alright if its what you want."
I could see you wanted to cry
Just don't let it happen.
You probably cried yourself to sleep last night.
But I wouldn't know
You won't admit to anything.
The main reason we ended was because I never did what I wanted.
It was always about you,
How good you are,
How you did this so well
Never ever about me,
and how I feel.
So I called it quits.
You begged for me back,
however, it won't work.
You could beg and beg all you want
My answer is still no.
Go out and see other people,
Don't stick with the same old,
They get boring after a while..
I just never thought this would happen...

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