When You Walked Into the Room

November 1, 2012
When you walked into the room for the first time,
I felt a new feeling of delight,
Then I didn't make a single noise,
I thought you were the best of all the boys

But then I winced,
Because I knew you would never be my prince
I thought you'd never be with me because of the way i act
I thought you'd never be with me because my "maturity lacked"

Every friendship I've ever had
Ended up really bad
I was always mad and heartbroken
Which was what I had to go through again and again

So as i watched you go to your seat
I kept watching you so our eyes would meet
When they finally do,
I saw some good in you

I quickly peeled my eyes away,
Hoping i didn't embarrass you in any way
I felt a new flicker of hope
And I also felt my heart float

I know that things aren't what they seem,
And you cant always believe in what you see
But sometimes you have to see to believe
Dare to dream

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Vianey26 said...
Nov. 18, 2012 at 4:25 pm
When you guys read my work, please post a comment so i know what you guys think. im planning on submitting more work, but i dont know if im any good. thank you for reading!!!!
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