Over- The Life of a Fire Fighter

October 29, 2012
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The alarm shouts
Homes are Burning
Flames are showing
We must put it out

The smoke fills the air
The universe is never fair
We hear the dread
The fire has spread

We are on our way
The people’s worst day
Their hopes are raised
We accept their praise

We start our task
Getting our gear on
SCBA, bunker coat, and mask
Lay the hose out on the lawn

Grab the pre-connect
Head to the door
Why am I on the nozzle?
Guess I shouldn’t keep score

The flames do their dance
I stand in a trance
Only two steps in the door
Like I’ve never done this before

I open up the nozzle
And let the water flow
The flames scream no

We have saved the day
We don’t accept pay
We pick up and leave
We start to tease

Another house saved
Back to the cave
Only nine hours remaining
All my energy is draining

Hope the day is over
Another tone goes out
I tell dispatch
We’re on our way, over

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