To Live Again

October 28, 2012
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Wishes, dreams, and salty kisses
Birds with water wings drip across the sky
Rosey lips breathe out curling smoke
Fabric wraps around bare legs
Torn at skinned knees
Reclined in a rope hammock
Watching time swing by
And the air fills with sparks of dust
Exploding and coughing
Which is what I do when I’m sick
Fever licks hotly over glossy eyes
Mud sticking to the bottoms of
My favorite sneakers
Caterpillars squirm through my ruby hair
Fuzzy lights in tangled red seas
Parted by the only Moses I know
Combed back with brush bristles
As pine needles comb snowflakes
Tears frozen in a lake
Where time does not exist
And mermaids swim to chase bigger fish
I must be a mermaid
If I can barely walk on land
Sandy stones made of grit that grinds
Under the melting rubber tires of a rusty Jeep
Where I drive to watch the supernova
Die and live again
To watch me watch it
With two swirling eyes of wonder
Looking back to see a human race
Wander a funny planet like lost kittens
Projecting us to another world to watch
Us live to die again

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