Love in Friends

October 28, 2012
By , Arlington, TX
He saw her staring and flashed that smile she loves so much.
She was hoping he'd say "Hi" but his friends pulled him away.
It broke her heart knowing he would never know how she felt because she never had the chance to say it.
Sitting alone on the bench at lunch writing, she sees him and his friends throwing the football then looks down and suddenly feels a presence behind her.
"Guess who" says her one best friend in the world.
He was the quarterback of the football team and the schools biggest nerd.
All the girls wanted him but she never thought of him that way.
He sits next to her and puts one arm around her.
They have been best friends since pre-school.
“Proms coming up” he says. “You going?” he asks.
“No” she says shyly and quietly.
“Why not” he asks
“Because no one has asked me” she says sadly.
She was a bigger nerd than he was, she was in the poetry club, and she was a band nerd.
“It’s ok I don’t have a date either” he says. “But I want you to go.”
Not wanting to let him down she says she will go to prom with him.
All the girls were jealous.
Prom night comes and as she walks down the stairs she sees him.
Her best friend all dressed up looking handsome.
He looked at her as if he had seen an angel.
She had on a long blue dress and had her hair curled.
She looked like a princess.
When they were having a good time at prom it hit her, she had feelings for the wrong guy.
They guy she was in love with was with her the whole time.
Disguised as her best friend.
At that moment she realized that love works in mysterious ways.

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