Dance of the Leaves

October 27, 2012
By JordanJ4ever BRONZE, San Diego, California
JordanJ4ever BRONZE, San Diego, California
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The Autumn leaves sway
To the wind's beat,
Not missing a step.

Like two dancers
Who absorb the rhythms of
The pitter-patter of rain
And the whooshing of planes,
Who glide through the sky
Only to kiss the ground
And go back up again,
Are the chorus.

And the people, their instruments.

A marvelous sight of
The wonders of Earth,
But to the naked eye
This little miracle
remains nothing.

It only appears as two leaves
Clinging on a tree,

Awaiting their Fall.

The author's comments:
This poem came to me as a memory of my friend saying that dancers can "sway".
When I was sitting under a bridge after school I saw two leaves left on a tree.
My mind flashed back to my memory and I decided to write a poem about the scene from my past and the present(under the bridge/the leave) comparing the two to one another...

I hope you enjoy my comparison of the two (dancers and leaves)
and I'm open to negative and positive comments on this peice. I only want to get better...

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