The System

October 27, 2012
By LeenaB GOLD, Hoover, Alabama
LeenaB GOLD, Hoover, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it. -Jane Wagner

Don't bug The System they say
Walk the same way, talk the same way
Make eye contact and shake the hand of life firmly
Accepting the mainstream jargon entitled normality
The System
The System sets the rules
It keeps the line between black and white
Red and blue, purple and green
Why so seperate? Why the discrimination?
What is normal? Who wants to be normal?
I. Don't.
Normal is like a box
A tiny box consuming all abnormalities, creativities and locking them
In the nooks of the soul
It eats at us. Wanting to tear away and show the world
Show the world all that is capable
But quiet remains
Boxed up, masking the endearment of difference
Say it's nothing, say it's fine
But lies are all that is
Nothing is something striving to be set free
To spread its colorful wings and fly
Making a change
Be the one to make a change, to stand out
Join me in the rebellion of unique
BUG The System

The author's comments:
Ordinary is just ordinary. Don't be a copy. Don't follow the trend. Make your own. Be yourself. Because that's who you were born to be.

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