I can't Forget

October 27, 2012
Days pass
Then weeks
Then months
But my thoughts of you
My memories of you
Remain still.

I can tell myself
That I’m completely over you
Laugh about it
With my friends
Trash you with them
And say how stupid I was
That I believed your lies
And boy was I glad
That I got away in time.

I can pour my pain
Into pages and pages
Until the end of time
I can sit on my bed
And cry and cry
Until my throat runs dry
And I can stand in my yard
With all the things you gave me
And let them burn in the fire
Until even the ashes are gone
But I will still remember.

I can get up each day
At ungodly hours
And all these things I don’t ever do
But I’m still not over you.

It doesn’t matter
How many times I go to the movies
Or the mall
It doesn’t matter
How many nights I spend out with friends
All the things I do
All the boys I glance at
Telling myself they’re a hundred times better than you
And believing it
It still won’t matter
Because I will always remember you.

I can throw you from my mind
Forget about the times
You helped me not to cry
Banish the memories
Of kissing underwater
Our hands entwined
I can curse the things
That remind me of you
And turn down the radio
When I hear our song
Because I hate it now more than you
But none of it will mater
Because I can never forget you.

I can bask in my freedom
Remind myself I don’t have to deal
With the bad things about you
The things that were just unreal
But no matter all the awful
And no matter all the bad
I will always remember
The things about you
That made me glad.

I can think about every lie you told me
Everything that made me hurt
All the things that gave me pain
And I can stand here forever
Telling myself I can’t stand you
For all those things you did
And that I’m ready to move on
But even if it’s true
These memories will be ours forever
Because you were my first
And no matter what happens next
I can never ever forget about you.

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