Miles Away

October 25, 2012
By DLJtheman BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
DLJtheman BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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Your voice reminds me of the Sirens,
A horrible, trap, that’s makes me
Long to be with you, just to hear you talk.

I know that If I get to close,
Everything will go wrong,

So Here I stand.

On the other side
of the city.


To hear your voice.
I cherish it.

When I forget the sound of it,
I fall into a state
Of depression.


That sound,
The sound that reminds me
Of birds singing on a summer morning.

The sound that only you
Can produce. It

Makes me leap with joy.

Yet there you are,
Right next to me,

On the way to the dance.

You are right next to me,

In the car.
And it feels like I am miles away.

The author's comments:
Poem that I had to write for school. The requirements were that it had to reference the Odyssey, and it had to be longer than 10 lines. This was assigned the Monday after homecoming, and it is about my thoughts on the way to the dance.

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