Stay Strong - You're Beautiful

October 25, 2012
By Anonymous

As I listen to the wind,
I can hear the whispers,
I can hear the hatred,
dripping from their words.
As I walk by them all,
I can hear the snickers,
I can tell that they laugh at me,
Because of who I am.
But I need to stay strong,
I need to stay me,
I need to be strong,
I just have to let it be.
Walking home alone,
I listen to the wind,
I listen for the hatred,
Waiting for them.
As I turn the corner,
I am pushed to the ground,
This all so familiar,
Then I turn around.
I see the same person,
That does this everyday.
I see this person smile,
Like this is some game we play.
As he finishes my torture,
he turns to walk home.
I quickly grab my things,
and I run on home.
My mother doesn't get it,
She just doesn't see,
That my insides are boiling,
and my tears just keep spilling.
My father doesn't help,
He just makes it worse.
He gets drunk and hits me,
while mother just sits and watches TV.
Tonight will be the night,
that I give up on life.
Tonight will be the night,
I sit down and give up the fight.
As I swallow the first pill,
my computer starts to beep,
I turn it on to see,
this boy has messaged me.
He tells me that I'm beautiful,
and that he truly cares.
He cares about my being,
He hates to see me scared.
He tells me that the boy,
that tortures me everyday,
He tells me that the boy,
has gone far far away.
The boy that tortures me,
he says,
has gone to jail.
He says he video recorded what happened,
and that he showed it to the cops.
The cops took the boy away,
locked him in a cell,
he tells me to press charges,
and I say ok.
The boy that messaged me,
responds back,
he tells me that he's coming over,
just to see if I am okay.
The tears start to fall again,
but this time with joy,
Joy with being loved,
Joy with being cared about.
When this boy arrives,
he sees the pills and the note,
he doesn't say anything,
he just sets down his coat.
And before I know what is happening,
this boy comes over to me,
he says the most beautiful thing.
"I want you to know that I love. And that I always have. I want you to know that I am here for you, no matter what happens. I will always stand up for you, I will be your protector. I will help you become strong enough, for the day that I am gone. I will help you remember, that someone will always love you. And whenever you feel weak, I will be here for you to lean on me. Because that is what I am for."
It has been a few years since that night,
and me and that wonderful boy are still together,
still going strong.
He has taught me to see the beauty in myself,
He has taught me to be strong.
And even if that boy were to leave me tomorrow night,
I would wake up the next morning,
and still not give up the fight.

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