No Longer Dependent

October 24, 2012
By Anonymous

I do not belong here
In this place of self doubt
Where I have no self worth
My control has been ripped away
Not by you, or anyone else
But by me, because I let you strip me
Of my shameful identity

Not yet did I know who I was
Or even wanted to be but still,
I gave all of myself to you,
Putting my life in your hands
My soul into the idea of us
My heart in your body
And my mind into what could be

My focus was lost
And has yet to be regained
Even these words, to you they pertain
Forever loved, I will always
Always thought of, I will never stop
Years months weeks days
The time spent, spending, that will be spent

Relevant, extraneous
Present, Absent
Seen, Thought about
Any and every which way
I look, I turn, I want, I yearn
I beg and plead to all and none
Rid me of this lifestyle

I belong someplace else
In a place with self worth
Where I have no self doubt
Someplace that gives me control
Not over you or anyone else
But over me, because I won’t let anyone strip me
Of my beautiful identity

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