Save Me

October 24, 2012
All those words you said to me, they were like bullets to the chest, and right now I feel like I'm bleeding to death. And what hurts most of all, is theres no one here to help me stop it or even break my fall. So next time you say, "talk to me" or "whats wrong", just know you shot me and wasn't even kind enough to help me through it all. Because right now, yeah I'm hurt, and on the verge of dying but not only can your words kill me but they can save me. So save me, right here, right now. Your words could heal me like that pressured towel. I never took you for granted, and even though you did, even though you shot me and pretended not to see, and left me lying here, I'm crawling towards you because right now, you're the only one that can save me.

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