These Nights Are Lonely

October 23, 2012
By Insarations SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
Insarations SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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These nights are lonely and I struggle to sleep
Nightmares are my fate if I let myself fall asleep
I lye there hopeless, dreaming of love and things that dont exist
I try to close my eyes and think happy thoughts, but no matter how hard I try my mind still resists
It's filled with fear and filled with shame
I can't sleep when my thoughts are filled with your nae
I think maybe if I pretend you're there then peace will come over me and I'll feel more calm
But I still lye there shaking, sweat running down my palms
I fall alseep for seconds but wake to a loud sound
But it wasn't real life, I dreamed of spaceships exploding on the ground
I once again fall into a wakeful sleep
Which means my eyes are closed but my thoughts aren't very deep
Suddenly I can't breath and I'm drowning in dark water, drowning in my fears
I'm drenched in water and I wake with falling tears
In the night I can't sleep and in the day I want nothing but
I lye there praying and remember us together but it's never enough
It's becoming unhealthy to think of you
Since I know I mace the right choice and there's nothing else I can do
I pretend I hate you but my thoughts are full of lust
Even though I know you're someone I could never trust
These nights are lonely and I lay there as one
I feel I might wake soon but the night has only begun

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