What is love...?

October 22, 2012
What is love?
Is it an act or an emotion?
A fling or a long lingering kiss?
What is love?

It is the teenage star couple in high school?
No, I do not think so…
Is it a one night stand in a bar?
Not by far.

What is love?
What is love to you?

I see love in brown and blue eyes
An old woman too stubborn to ever be wrong
An even old man too joyful to ever be cynical
That is what love is to me.

To see the stubborn woman stand by her husband through thick and thin
Through the war he fought in and the births of their children
To their grandchild
To when they are faced with death

The woman cancer
Three times—too stubborn to die
The man so many things
Cancer and a brain tumor
And something entirely new

And yet threw it all
They still stand strong together
Still by each other’s side
Holding hands until they are triumph

That is love too me
As the women tucks in the man to bed
I write this now
She kisses him goodnight

And a lump forms in my throat
I hope to find a love as pure as them one day
Goodnight grandma, Goodnight grandpa
I whisper to them both

Before closing my note book
Laying aside my pen
And curling up into a quilt
To drift off to sleep.

That is what love is to me…

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