Sometimes It's Hard to be Strong

October 18, 2012
By Cait.L BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
Cait.L BRONZE, Mississauga, Other
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Sometimes it's hard to be strong.
With the weight of the world on your shoulders,
it's hard not to buckle your knees.
Everything you knew is broken
Everything you loved is gone.
Sometimes it's hard to be strong.

When you have nothing left,
How do you to give?
Your body empty and hollow,
It makes it hard just to live.

Sometimes I feel like surrendering,
when all my support beams are gone.
Just me vs. the world,
It's a hard game to win,
but why give in,
when they all say you should.

The rain, yes it shares my emotions.
Pouring down in a great storm.
Like the tears on my face,
I have no saving grace,
the rain and I as one.

Raising your voice doesn't win a war,
Though it amplifies all their pleasures.
They thunder about, saying it's not fair,
I say if it isn't fair It isn't fun.

Sometimes it's hard to be strong,
when everything around you is weak.
They don’t know your emotions,
They don't feel all your pain.
Though you desperately wish they could.

Yet find the strength within you,
Deep down under the soul.
Where fire and pride dance flawlessly,
only there, you can say, their wrong.
Find that spark within you, even if it’s dark,
When all is lost, you will prevail,
but sometimes, it's hard to be strong.

The author's comments:
I think we have all had that day when nothing goes right, but the thing is, we all have to learn that thats ok, it fine to be upset, frustrated, and angry. Tomorrow brings a new day, and like the amazing singer kelly Clarkson said, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

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