Dont Stop Now...

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Don’t stop now
You cant stop now
We’ve all felt this way
One time or another
Some feel it everyday
Don’t you remember
The beauty
Don’t forget all the beauty there is
To see
When the leaves change color in the
The coziness of it all
Unbelievable colors that warm your heart
The family with you
Who always loved you from the start
Don’t you remember the beauty of spring
When you see all the brightly colored flowers and butterflies
Fluttering before your eyes
A clear sky of baby blue and you can hear the birds
Goals to make and things to do
Don’t you remember the magical Winter
Pure white snows falling slowly
Christmas music in the car
Everything feels holy
People united with joy
Don’t you remember that homeless man
You saw last week on the streets
Do you remember how it was 100 years ago
Look at the color of skin our cu president has now
Its easy to forget how big this world is
But somehow
If you try to imagine
You will know your not alone
Yout not the only one
There must be troubles others are having
That are not shown
You don’t see it
But its there
Don’t isolate yourself
There are people who care
Don’t foget the beauty
Don’t forget the kindness
Don’t forget the joy and love
And adventure in life
Just because negativity and mean words
Make you feel like you could fade away
I care
People do care
So don’t stop now
Find them
Find us people who really care
Keep looking
We're out there
There is good in the world
And there is evil
A lot of times it isnt fair
But hang in there and build yourself
Don’t do anything you know is wrong
This has been going on too long
Change the way the story ends
Be positive
You can mend
This may be your chance to show the world
Impact people
Cause a postitive chain reaction
Believe me theres always someone there
Who feels the same way
Who wants someone to listen and care
Go tell someone
Speak your mind
Speak your heart
Never stop moving
There is so much beauty to be seen
There is so much we can do
One opportunity to do it
This is a gift
Never give up
Fight to make a negative
A Positive and imagine
The impact
Keep getting up
When you fall
Never hold back
Beat it all
The world is waiting
To see what you can do
The choice is right in front of you

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