Miss Perfect

October 18, 2012
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She's the center of attention.
When she talks it's like she has a spotlight on her.
She's someone I could never be.
All because of the way I walk, talk, dress, and look.
Just because I'm not like her I'm not her type.
She's "popular".
Has a TON of friends.
To her education doesn't matter.
The only thing she cares about are her looks.
You can hear her talking a mile away.
She texts ninety miles per hour.
Just because I don't have a cellphone I'm a nerd.
Quite true indeed.
She doesn't look at me or even bother to acknowledge my existence.
She love to gossip.
One thing I could never do.
Her clothes don't even cover her body!
They don't even match!
To her peers the only way she can be smart is by being completely and utterly stupid.
She thinks she's superior and Miss. Diva,
But like Cinderella, at the end of the day everything backfires on her, and she's a hot mess.
That's why someone like me could never be someone like her.

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