Petals of a Forgotten Rose

October 19, 2012
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In wild overgrown courtyards, far from those prying eyes;
I think of you.
The crunch of gravel as I kneel underfoot,
And I remember you.

From childhood memories; fond thoughts spring forth.
Invade my vision, and capture my thoughts.

I look up into the window, smashed and broken.
I think of what might have been.
Sweet pain flushes forth as the thoughts collide,
Forbidden pain rushes out from within.

"Could it be our lovers duet,
Our aria of the night,
Our love, was terminated too soon?"

That suffocating silence always replies,
as the songbird sings in the woods nearby.

The earth over you now,
Is still hallowed ground,
It resounds with our melody once again.

It is this, my dear, now you are gone,
When I think and remember of you.
The red petal'd rose,
Lies lonely and dead,
It's petals scattered over the grave.

In the overgrown courtyard,
Where once I met you,
Far from the prying eyes.

Your headstone now lies,
And above it I cry,
As the death toll rings again.

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