Why did Daddy Leave?

October 19, 2012
By Anonymous

She loved him and never thought she would lose him, she was his little girl. He was so handsome and he loved his little girl so much he would tell her stories at bed time, hug her and give her kisses, and got her ice cream every time she was a good girl. They were never apart, and couldn’t stay away from each other very long. It was a wonderful relationship between a father and his daughter.
There was this one day when her mommy wouldn’t stop crying, "Why are you crying mommy?" she asked standing at the side edge of the table.
Her mother looked up with tears and said to her, "nothing baby doll, its ok," and they hugged and pretended that by hugging everything would be okay.
She went around the house looking for her daddy and found him on the front porch, sitting on the porch swing, still. "Daddy!!" she yelled with a smile and ran to hug him, and he held her. He was trying hard not to cry. He knew he had to be strong, he held his little girl tight, never wanting to let her go.
Later he hugged his wife and gave her a kiss on her forehead, his daughter didn’t know what was going on. She held him tight. Getting up he smiled and said, "I love you both," and left.
As she watched him drive away she yelled "Bye daddy!!!" and waved, seeing him wave out the window. Years would pass and she would wait next to the door, or sit on the porch swing, watching the road hoping to see daddy return.

It had been 8 years today that her father had left, and she is 12 years old. She still wondered why he had left, but she didn’t want to think about it.
The next day her mother came home from work and said, "It’s time you know the truth." She sat down on the recliner and waited for her mother to tell her what was going on. Her mom started to cry, making her cry also.
Not being able to talk, her mother decided to take her to her father. She was so excited to go see father. Mom told her to close her eyes and wait, while her mother led her out of the car "Okay, open your eyes."
She opened her eyes looking for him, and didn’t see him. She looked down and saw a stone that was engraved with the words: “Here lays John, a great man." Her eyes filled with tears. She fell to her knees and hid her face sobbing.
Her mother hugged her and said, "I’m sorry I never told you."
"It’s okay mom."
Her mother whispered to her daughter, "He had cancer and he didn’t want you to see him die."
Tears fell from their eyes, and she held her mother tight. She looked past the tomb stone and saw an angel, it was her father. She smiled and said "I love you daddy” and he smiled and said, "I love you my baby girl." He faded away and she closed her eyes.

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