October 18, 2012
By FreeSpiritJo12 BRONZE, Durban, Other
FreeSpiritJo12 BRONZE, Durban, Other
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Its not about the happy ending, its about the story...

Remember those hot days, when we both were free!
Running around as wild as we could be...
Both of us living in a daydream
But nothing was as good as it could seem.
Cos of that last night, watching those stars
I figured it all out- you were a liar.
Now I’m back to wishing I had never met you
But I can escape the truth.
Because reality is a b**** and then it seems you die
All I have left is to just cry and cry and cry...
Sometimes I still think it wasn’t real at all
But the pain is oh so very sore.
It could not be a figment of my imagination
Yet the good times were an incredible sensation!
I have to admit it to move on
I loved you
But I can’t do anything, you are gone.
And with all those good memories, wisped away
Along with that last summer holiday...

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